Many Paths, One Truth

On a hike this morning with a close friend, I pondered this concept of “many paths, one truth” in a whole new way.

It’s a concept that I have reminded myself of frequently over the years, as I have observed the good in others; people from all walks of life, with different skin colours and from different religious and spiritual backgrounds. Recognizing fundamental similarities between my beloved Taoist philosophy and the roots of other faiths, traditions and philosophies has given me comfort. To know that around the world, the importance of love, the quest for good in ourselves, and reverence for nature are at the roots of wisdom traditions is deeply heartening. It reminds me of the oneness of life and that deep down, we are all beautifully, magically, the same.

I got a new sense of that this morning. Continue reading

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Lessons from Rick Astley

Sometimes inspiration and important lessons come from the most unlikely sources. Like Rick Astley. Yup, you heard me. Rick Astley.

My primary focus of late has been deepening my practice. As in, turning my attention strongly back to Taoism, and as significantly, to watching my thoughts. For over a month, as I’ve been gradually trying to return to my essence of inner truth, I’ve become aware of my thoughts…a lot. Let’s just say it’s been arduous. With all this watching and with frequent consultations with the Tao Te Ching and the I-Ching, an enormous amount of information has arisen. Information about how strong a hold my ego has on my mind, information about how it trips me up, information about how to see through its tantalizing veils and adopt more positive thoughts and perspectives, and information about how very, very much I still have to learn.

It has both been a task in deep humility, and increasingly one of great learning and a much-needed return to my inner voice. Which brings me back to Rick Astley. Continue reading

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Last Night, I Gave Up.

Last night, I gave up. Well, almost.

I reached a point where I was tempted to abandon the path of self-development. Where the hardness of indifference threatened to overcome the path of detachment, allowing and unfolding. My ego was insinuating (whining?) that the situation was too hard; I should just turn the page and give up. Surrender completely.  Continue reading

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When the Going Gets Tough

When the going gets tough, the seeker goes inward. The answers lie within.

For many of us, this hasn’t been an easy month. I’ve been hearing about inner chaos from a lot of people and have been experiencing it myself. It’s been a powerful call to return wholeheartedly to the strongest, most trusted heart of my practice – a return to Wu Wei…to peeling back the layers of my ego so that I can just go with the flow.

Sounds so easy, doesn’t it? If only that were so. Continue reading

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Fear Not.

Two days after the U.S. election, fear is rampant. I see it on Facebook, hear it in the voices of my friends and family, and feel its insidious call in my own psyche. People are freaking out. Maybe you’re freaking out.

So what can we do? Do we just succumb to the fear, thereby inviting it to take root in our personalities as an inevitable part of the “new reality”? Continue reading

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I am conflicted. Every year, on this day, my heart is torn. I am so grateful for my freedom and recognize that I basically won the geographic lottery by getting to live in such a wonderful, beautiful country in which I have every opportunity to play, and grow, and flourish. And yet, I hate war. I am endlessly baffled that societies that presume to teach our children to resolve conflict peacefully, cannot uphold that simple value themselves. Continue reading

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Is It Bravery Or Is It Life?

Just over 13 years ago I left a successful corporate career to become a yoga teacher.  Less than 2 weeks ago I closed my longtime yoga studio to run a more mobile business and free up some time to follow the evolution of my dreams.  I call it living my life.  Other people call it brave.

I don’t feel brave.  It’s more that I have to keep following my path.  I have to keep moving forward.  Isn’t that the logical thing to do with life?  Am I just supposed to stubbornly or unthinkingly stick with something that once fulfilled me but that I’ve gradually outgrown?  How does that make any sense at all? Continue reading

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