I am conflicted. Every year, on this day, my heart is torn. I am so grateful for my freedom and recognize that I basically won the geographic lottery by getting to live in such a wonderful, beautiful country in which I have every opportunity to play, and grow, and flourish. And yet, I hate war. I am endlessly baffled that societies that presume to teach our children to resolve conflict peacefully, cannot uphold that simple value themselves.

Thus, on the one hand, I mourn the lives lost and families torn apart by violence that have created the circumstances for my freedoms, and on the other, my deepest wish is that humanity will realize that we are all one, we are all life, and these ongoing struggles and violent conflicts are beneath us and should end. 

So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you veterans for the life I get to lead. To the universe, hear my prayer that humanity may one day transcend our ego dominance to operate from the knowledge that conflict is best resolved with the sincere intention of finding peaceful resolution through the non-violent communication and cooperation that ultimately lead to understanding. May the lessons we teach our children be the lessons we uphold ourselves – individually, and as a society.

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