Fear Not.

Two days after the U.S. election, fear is rampant. I see it on Facebook, hear it in the voices of my friends and family, and feel its insidious call in my own psyche. People are freaking out. Maybe you’re freaking out.

So what can we do? Do we just succumb to the fear, thereby inviting it to take root in our personalities as an inevitable part of the “new reality”? Do we endlessly talk and think about what scares us, allowing it to stay at the forefront of our inner conversation? Do we want fear to run our lives?

These are the important questions. What do we allow? What do we want? I don’t know anyone that would consciously choose to live in fear. And yet, by letting the fear govern our thoughts, that’s exactly what happens. We allow ourselves to get sucked in. We allow all the questions, the “what-ifs” to take over. Is that really the best choice? Is there even a choice to be made?

Yes. There is always a choice. A choice for peace of mind…or not. A choice to use our innate strength and take control of ourselves, our thoughts, and consequently, our lives…or not. So what can we do? It’s surprisingly simple. We step into strength. We step into greatness. We make a choice for our own greater good. It’s the only thing we can truly control, anyway.

Yesterday morning I awoke to the news of the new American president-elect, and my world shook. To be clear, my INNER world shook. Upon further investigation, though, my actual world – other than a Facebook exploding with fear and dread – didn’t shake at all. I was still waking up to a day of teaching yoga, connecting with people and doing my best to stay present and grateful. A day like most others in my life. A day that didn’t have to be ruined by outer circumstances, but a day that could be ruined by outer circumstances if I let it.

I didn’t let it. No way. Screw that. I’ve worked too hard and too long to create a life of peace to let an election ruin my peace of mind. Too hard and too long to let all the scary, future-based “what-ifs” derail my life’s work of becoming a strong, loving, effective human being. If I could throw away all that hard work in an instant to succumb to the prevailing fear of what might happen in a future that has yet to unfold, what would that say about me? Not so strong, after all, I think. All that hard work for nothing.

So instead, I returned to what I know for sure. I returned to the path of humility. The humility of loving and living one moment at a time, trusting that if I take proper care of my present, my future will unfold as it should. Having made this decision; having let go of the swirling, fearful thoughts; space for new thoughts and creativity blossomed in my mind. Very quickly, a more urgent call to express compassion and empathy for my community and human tribe arose from my depths. A greater desire to access my light, step into my truest, available power as a human being, and exercise my ability to think positively and radiate positivity became the only task at hand. A task that seemed more important than ever, as the world around me and the psyches of of my beloved tribe shook with dread and fear.

I heard the call to the qualities of human greatness that we all share, because I created space away from fearful thoughts. That’s all. I’m not superwoman. I’m no different from you. I just took a breath. I poked my head up from under the cloud of dread and assessed what had actually, tangibly changed in my world. I got perspective.

In my actual day to day life, nothing changed. On the inside, though, everything changed. A fierce, profound imperative to live lovingly in the face of fear  – to live authentically, kindly, courageously, humbly, presently, simply – surged forth like a lion’s roar, stronger than ever before. In the face of fear, I choose love with every fibre of my being. I choose to be the light, not only because it feels so good for me, but because it makes me the best for everyone else. When I choose to be the best I can be – powered by love instead of by fear – it makes the world a better place.

What do you choose?








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