photo (Leo Summer 2012) Leo owns Village Yoga in Toronto, where she teaches private and group classes, specializing in helping people relieve chronic pain with therapeutic yoga. She is the host of A Brand New Day, the empowering yoga-inspired TV show on Rogers TV. Leo is also the co-author of “Advancing Your Yoga Practice: The Art of Slowing Down”, the fifth book in the world-renowned Anatomy and Asana series, and the creator of “The Voice of Relaxation, Volume 1”, her first cd of guided relaxations. She is a certified Reiki Master, the Yoga Director for the Toronto Trails Festival and Ontario Walks, a 2-time lululemon ambassador and an ongoing contributor of expertise and articles for various TV shows, web sites, and publications.

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  1. Henriette says:

    Hello Leo, I have been following your morning yoga classes for a few weeks now and want to let
    you know how much I enjoy them! They are short but powerful, sometimes easy, sometimes more challenging. (I had previous yoga experience) Your guidance is easy to follow and the the meditation very inspiring. Thank you so much!
    P.S. Where could I buy The Voice Of Relaxation CD?

    • taoleo says:

      Hi Henriette! Thanks for your very kind note and I’m so glad that you’re enjoying my show! Fantastic! You can buy the CD on your iTunes (just do a search for The Voice of Relaxation), or through CD Baby (www.cdbaby.com). I also just launched a YouTube channel and uploaded a brand new guided breath meditation. 7.5 minutes to chill out with that one! http://www.youtube.com/user/leomowry. I so hope you enjoy these resources, too! There will be much more to come on YouTube so if you like you can subscribe to the page to be notified as new audios and videos are uploaded. Happy Summer to you, and thanks again!!

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