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Is It Bravery Or Is It Life?

Just over 13 years ago I left a successful corporate career to become a yoga teacher.  Less than 2 weeks ago I closed my longtime yoga studio to run a more mobile business and free up some time to follow … Continue reading

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City Mice & Country Mice

I’ve been thinking lately about the difference between city people and small-town people.  With respect to basic humanity, I think we’re all pretty much the same.  We want to love and be loved, feel safe and accepted, and be happy.  … Continue reading

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My Whining Inferiors

I’m starting a revolution and my inferiors don’t like it one bit.  Who are these so-called inferiors, you ask?  The voices in my head.  The ones that tell me I’m not good enough; that ask me who I think I … Continue reading

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Letter to the Olympians

Dear Olympic Athletes, Your commitment to excellence is deeply inspiring.  The power of the human spirit you exhibit unites us to your journeys.  Watching you, we band together as exuberant fellow teammates, making our hearts smile as we become instant … Continue reading

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